We are not trying to be different for the sake of difference.

"For us, its not about thinking out side the box, we've never been in one. From our point of view, we are simply expressing our desire and vision within our creative universe, without boundaries or any given rules. The result is what you interpret." - TM Bax Tm Bax is established in Denmark back in 2007. They achieved over 450 million plays on the persian streaming app Radiojavan.com Tm Bax is one of the leading persian artists on spotify at the moment. Being one of the first persian artists to break through in India, staying on 1. place on the most indian shazamed song for several weeks.

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You want us to perform in your city? Or if you are a journalist who wana know how we made it to number 1 spot in India without being indian? How come we are the most streamed persian artist? Whaterver quistion you have just write

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